Schiffbautechnische Versuchsanstalt in Wien GmbH
Vienna Model Basin Ltd.

Vienna Model Basin is one of the oldest and most experienced companies providing services in ship design and maritime operations. It is a leading company in hydrodynamic scientific with DIN ISO9001 approval. Vienna Model Basins clients include industries, shipyards, shipowners, ports, universities and authorities world-wide.

What Vienna Model Basin can do for you:

  • Performance of measurements on ship models, floating craft, and propulsion units.
  • Analysis of the test results and consulting for further development.
  • Theoretical modeling (Computational Fluid Dynamics, CFD) and research in the field of ship hydro- and aerodynamics.
  • Preparation of expert opinions and surveys.
  • Publications and lectures

Corporate Goal

For the realization of a service it is our aim to supply the necessary facilities, equipment, and best trained staff in order to satisfy the customer's requirements with regard to quality, efficiency, and time. Confidentiality is guaranteed.

Try us, we shall enjoy it.


April, 2010

Application of the optical tracking system by QUALISYS for the measurement of ship motions in 6-DOF

November, 2009

Participation as subcontractor in an EMSA study of the specific damage stability parameters of Ro-Ro passenger vessels according to SOLAS 2009 including water on deck

September, 2009

Participation as partner in European research project GOAL Based Damage Stabily (GOALDS)

March, 2009
Participation as partner in an EUREKA project SAFEPASEA

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