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About us

Vienna Model Basin was founded 1912 under the patronage of the Austrian K. u. K.-Navy. Back then Vienna Model Basin’s towing tank was the largest tank in the world.

For more than a century, the private and independent

Vienna Model Basoin has influenced and led

developments of testing technology, methods,

standardisation and numerical procedures to solve

complex problems.

Vienna   Model   Basin   was   founded   1912   under   the   patronage   of   the   Austrian   K.   u.   K.- Navy.   Friedrich   Gebers   was   appointed   as   director   of   the   tank   in   autumn   1911   when   he was   already   engaged   in   the   design   of   the   towing   tank.   The   appointment   of   Gebers was    a    fortunate    coincidence    as    he    was    very    experienced    in    constructing    and reconstructing   towing   tanks   in   Übigau   and   Berlin.   Besides   his   drive   and   expertise Gebers   was   highly   skilled   in   the   design   and   construction   of   measurement   devices   and testing facilities. After   the   break   down   of   the Austrian   Hungarian   Monarchy   the   model   basin   soon   could gain     international     appreciation,     especially     by     the     development     of     measuring equipment as well as the design and outfitting of ship model basins. In   March   1945   Vienna   Model   Basin   was   hit   by   a   bomb,   unable   to   continue   with operation and therefore closed. Despite    the    desolate    situation    after    World    War    II,    particularly    in    Austria,    former employees   started   to   build   up   the   towing   tank   in   1951   under   the   leadership   of   Dr. Leopold   Kretschmer,   who   was   already   employed   since   1926.   In   1953   work   could   be resumed.    The    membership    society    Schiffbautechnische    Versuchsanstalt    in    Wien installed a new board in 1961; in 1963 the European Revocery Program (ERP) funded a new office building and some technical devices. Ever   since   the   model   basin   in   Vienna   has   the   ability   to   manufacture   ship   models   from   wood   and   paraffin   up   to   a   length   of   10   m   including   all   appendages   and propellers in calm water and in sea state. Dr. Leopold Kretschmer retired in 1976. As   the   number   of   committee   members   of   the   membership   society   decreased   the   society   was   shut   down   and   the   company   given   to   the   employees   of   the   model basin   under   the   leadership   of   Prof.   Dr.   Gerhard   Strasser.   He   is   running   the   company   called   Schiffbautechnische   Versuchsanstalt   in   Wien   GmbH   /   Vienna   Model Basin Ltd with his associate Dr. Clemens Strasser. Vienna   Model   Basin   Ltd   improved   its   facilities   to   state-of-the-art   technologies   and   extended   its   field   of   operation   by   integrating   a   cavitation   tank   and   a   wind   tunnel. Many of the simulations are carried out numerically but need to be validated with model tests. Though   a   site   in Austria   focusing   on   naval   architecture   has   only   limited   interests   in   the   shipping   industry   and   due   to   the   fact   that   there   are   a   number   of   well-known modern   and   large   model   basins   in   Europe,   Vienna   Model   Basin   Ltd   is   still   competing   and   more   than   ever   in   demand.   This   is   certainly   credit   of   the   leadership   and its   employees   who   perform   worldwide   acknowledged   excellent   experiments   of   various   kinds   based   on   principles   of   Friedrich   Gebers   and   the   work   of   Leopold Kretschmer.