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Vienna   Model   Basin   Ltd   is   one   of   the   oldest   and   most   experienced institutes   providing   services   in   ship   design   and   maritime   operations.   For a   century   VMB   is   a   leading   company   in   hydrodynamic   scientific   serving clients   such   as   industries,   shipyards,   shipowners,   ports,   universities and authorities world-wide.

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Centre for Maritime Industries

Vienna   Model   Basin   Ltd   is a   competence   centre   and service     provider     for     the maritime   sector   and   for   all areas      related      to      ship technologies.   Based   on   a century    of    experience    in hydrodynamic   and   nautical development   it   is   our   aim to    make    our    experience and   know-how   available   to the   maritime   industry.   Our   mission   is   to   supply   the   necessary   facilities,   equipment, and   best   trained   staff   in   order   to   satisfy   the   customer's   requirements   with   regard to quality, efficiency, and time. Confidentiality is guaranteed. Physical   model   testing   is   an   important   tool   in   the   process   of   developing   ships   and evaluating   their   performance.   Vienna   Model   Basin   has   the   capability   to   perform most    kinds    of    model    testing    in    its    test    facilities;    the    large    towing    tank,    the cavitation   tunnel   and   the   wind   tunnel.   In   addition,   the   design   and   development process   of   a   ship   can   be   supported   effectively   by   numerical   simulations   such   as CFD calculations, seakeeping and manoeuvring analysis or empirical methods .

Current Vacancies / Job Angebote

There      are      currently      no      vacancies      available. However,   we   are   always   keen   to   meet   energetic   and talented    professionals    who    would    like    to    join    our team.   If   you   wish   to   be   considered   for   any   future positions, please click here . Im    Moment    sind    keine    freien    Stellen    verfügbar. Dennoch    sind    wir    ständig    auf    der    Suche    nach motivierten   und   talentierten   Mitarbeitern,   die   unser Team     verstärken     können.     Falls     Sie     für     eine zukünftige     Stelle     in     Evidenz     gehalten     werden möchten, dann melden Sie sich bitte hier .